Making sure your website is ready for the mobile first index

Google is planning to launch its mobile first index soon. This has made many people worried about their Google rankings being turned down. Some people have raised various concerns about this as they don’t understand what it is all about.

Google conducted a study that revealed most searches were carried out using mobile phones and tablets and this is why this change must be considered by all website owners.

The mobile first index is all about coming up with mobile optimized websites to give users an experience worth remembering. Google proved website optimization is advantageous to both the owner and site users.

How to prepare your site for mobile first index

Mobile first index is all about mobile optimization. Companies should hire SEO agencies to assist them in this process. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the mobile first index:

Using responsive web designs

Responsive design keeps your website consistent, irrespective of which gadget someone is using. In short, your HTML remains constant whether you are using a desktop version or the mobile version. As a result, your website will continue to be beautiful throughout the browsing session

Double checking your content

Your desktop content must be similar to that of the mobile. This also applies to any information a visitor will access on either side. This feature is important as it not only maintains a user experience but keeps a website organized.

Things to keep in mind about mobile first index

People should not worry about the mobile first index. It ‘s not hard and challenging as most people think. A website owner who prepares well for this switch might benefit a lot of individuals. Mobile first index might change your site ranking. Despite this, people will able to find your website when they search.

Checking out your site’s architecture is important. This gives a person the chance to rectify any problems that might arise in the course of mobile optimizing your website. Counter checking makes a person confirm his/her website can be easily navigated different sections of the site.

It is also important to confirm all your internal links are working. There have been many cases where some internal links might not properly function.Non-functional internal links not only give users a headache, but also prevents Google’s crawlers from indexing your site’s pages.

Lastly, you take time to look at your structural data. It is essential as it tells Google what your website is all about. Structural data assists Google to organize this information in SERPs.

Run test

Website testing is essential as it allows you and your developers to improve a mobile site to perfection. Google’s helpful Webmaster can be used to verify the website. Here are things to check out when running tests:

  • The first step should be checking your website’s mobile friendliness level. This can be done with the mobile-friendly test. You can make some adjustments if your website hasn’t met the required threshold.
  • The second step involves using the structural data testing tool to check up the structured markup for errors.
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