Affiliate VS SEO Agency – Advantages And Disadvantages

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Are you planning to enter the world of online marketing? Over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who generate a good portion of their income through the internet. There are several ways to make money online, two of which are affiliate marketing and client SEO. It can be difficult to decide which area to focus on, especially when you consider that both choices present a high earning potential.

In this resource guide, you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate vs. client SEO so you can better decide how to move forward.

Affiliate Marketing

First, let’s talk about affiliate marketing and why so many people take this route. This type of online marketing involves selling a product and earning a commission on every sale. If you have your product, you can set up your affiliate program or join an affiliate network and let their publishers do the promotion for you. You also have the option of joining affiliate programs and selling other people’s products. The Amazon affiliate program is perhaps the most widely used among SEOs.

Many marketers decide to become members because the barrier to entry is non-existent. Pretty much anyone can set up a website and promote an individual product. Of course, to make money, you need to have the knowledge and skills to generate targeted traffic to your site. And if you manage to rank for profitable keywords, you can make some good profit without having to worry about manufacturing your product, shipping the items and all other potential issues. This is why agencies such as 3AM SEO Montreal are able to scale their business; due to the lack of bottlenecks that inventory creates.


A single website may not make you a lot of money, but if you know what you’re doing, there’s no reason not to create multiple affiliate websites for some decent cash. If you sell high-value items, you can earn a huge commission even on a single sale.

What’s great about affiliate marketer is that you can honestly feel that you are your boss. This applies in particular if you join an affiliate program and do not sell your product. You do not have to deal with clients. The downside, however, is that you can’t expect to make a lot of money overnight. It can take quite a while before you drive laser-targeted traffic to your website. There’s also no guarantee that every affiliate site you build will be successful. There’s always the risk of not ranking for your target keywords and even getting removed from the search index if you use shady SEO tactics.

Client SEO

If you have the knowledge, skills, and resources, you can offer your services to other people and rank their websites for them. Local businesses, in particular, are always looking for ways to improve their search engine visibility. They know that clients look for their services online, which is why they pay a lot in exchange for high-quality local SEO services.

Dealing with customers, however, can prove to be incredibly frustrating at times. You must always be ready to answer their questions and respond to their feedback_”be it positive or negative. You need to be able to deal with clients because it’s also inevitable to stumble upon clients who do not want to match your asking rate. They expect to pay lower, usually because they do not completely understand all the things that go on in an effective SEO strategy.

Of course, client SEO offers you the opportunity to earn some big bucks. Just imagine landing a customer that pays four figures up front and avails your monthly retainer services. You can expect to receive a steady amount of income even if you only work with a handful of clients each month. And when you decide to scale, your earnings can blow up.

Deciding between affiliate vs. client SEO can be confusing, but you have to take everything into consideration to make the most out of your time, money and resources. If you want to work for yourself, then affiliate marketing might be the right path to take. If you don’t mind working for clients, however, then client SEO should be in consideration. You can also try to do both. For instance, you can start with ranking your affiliate websites and use them as proof once you’re ready to offer SEO services to clients.

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